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Online Molecular Viewers

bullet Biomer Home Pagenew.GIF This site is the location of Biomer, an on-line, Java based molecular modeling program (Updated 7/15/99).
bulletMorphing Server and Database-new.GIFThis server will produce 2D and 3D animations of a plausible or semi-plausible pathway between two submitted protein subunit conformations. The website is maintained at the Gerstein Bioinformatics Lab at Yale University  (Updated 5/13/01).
bulletProtein Explorer  is a RasMol-like interface implemented in Chime, but that the Protein Explorer can offer much greater assistance and automation.  This was written in Java . You can also access a faster mirror of the website in San Diego (Updated 3/26/01).
bulletProtein Viewer by A.R. Crofts ( server down 5/22/99)
bulletSTING ( free web version ) is a WWW tool for the simultaneous display of information about macromolecular structure (in STING's Graphics Frame) and sequence (in STING's Sequence Frame). Special attention is given to MacroMolecular INTERFACE analysis (Updated 7/15/99).