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Molecular Modeling

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bulletOnline Protein Viewers
bulletSoftware Used in Molecular Modeling and Molecular Dynamics
bulletCool Molecular Modeling Sites

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Cool Molecular Modeling Sites

bulletChemical Computing Group Inc. is a leading world-wide supplier of high-end scientific software and services for High Throughput Screening, Bioinformatics and Computer Aided Molecular Design applied to Drug Discovery and Life Sciences. CCG has been operating in Montreal since 1994 (Updated 3/25/01).
bulletCCL-Computational Chemistry List Home was established on January 11, 1991, as an independent electronic discussion forum for chemistry researchers and educators from around the world. It is located at Ohio Supercomputer Center (Updated 6/16/99).
bulletChemistry Software List at NIU Cheminformatics Site provides a list of software for the small molecule molecular modeling scientist at the NIU CHemistry Cheminformatics (Updated 5/22/99).
bulletChime Resources this is a list of some resources that are available for the Chime plug-in (Updated 7/15/99).
bullet D.S.Soriano's Peptide/ Peptidomimetic Modeling Site- new.GIFPurpose/ Rationale of Site: To assist students in bridging the gap from organic chemistry to computational aspects of polypeptide secondary structure in biochemistry (Updated 5/26/2).
bullet A Guide to Structure Prediction (Version 2) new.GIFis an informative tutorial on the algorithms used for protein structure prediction (Updated 10/17/99).
bulletHGS Molecular Structure Modelsnew.GIF binoculars.GIF High quality resin model kits and assembled models for research, education and demonstration purposes in the fields of biochemistry, chemistry... (Updated 6/14/99)
bulletList of Links at DISAABA (very cool site) provides a generous list of software that is related to the molecular modeling field from the Molecular Modeling Group, DISAABA, Italy (Updated 5/22/99).
bulletLyco Search Engine's List of X-ray crystallography database sites new.GIF (3043 bytes)provides a useful list of links related to x-ray crystallography.  There are many links that on the site that are related macromolecular x-ray crystallography (Updated 6/09/99).
bulletMolecular Docking Web new.GIF (3043 bytes)by Garrett M. Morris is a list of links related to molecular docking (Updated 01/21/01).
bulletMolecular Modeling for Beginners Tutorial new.GIF (3043 bytes)provides an introduction to macromolecular modeling with Deep View, including review of many basic concepts in protein structure. You will first learn how to obtain structure files for viewing, and then carry out exercises in manipulating, analyzing, and comparing protein structures (Updated 5/13/01).
bulletPDB e-mail discussion is an open forum for information exchange related to macromolecular structures. (Updated 9/23/99)
bullet Protein Sidechain Webpagenew.GIF Information on protein sidechain conformational analysis, sidechain rotamer libraries, and sidechain conformation prediction.
bulletNetSci: MM/MD Software Listing has an extensive list of software related to molecular modeling. In this list, there are free links to sites that are proprietary and non-proprietary.  This web site is found at the Network Science Corporation (Updated 5/22/99).
bulletNIH Guide to Molecular Modeling is a site with some important links at the National Institute of Health (NIH) (Updated 4/12/99).
bulletWorld Index of Molecular Visualization Resources ( -A Visitor-Maintained Indices (VMI) Site by Eric Martz and Trevor D. Kramer.  Server courtesy Philip Bourne and the San Diego Supercomputer Center (Updated 10/03/01).
bullet UIUC Theoretical Biophysics Groupnew.GIF binoculars.GIF The Theoretical Biophysics group at the Beckman Institute, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Contains ongoing research, and software for structural biology, molecular dynamics simulation and visualization etc (Updated 6/14/99).
bulletYASARA - Yet Another Scientific Artificial Reality Application is an interactive real-time molecular dynamics program, covering various topics in the field of molecular modeling, protein fold calculation (based on NMR data), tertiary structure 
prediction, protein / DNA docking and parallel macromolecular dynamics (Updated 10/17/99).