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LANL boosts CARC computing power

LANL boosts CARC computing power

A new computing system donated to CARC by Los Alamos National Laboratory will put the 'super' in supercomputing.

New show at CARC Gallery

New show at CARC Gallery

Featuring STEM-themed serigraphs by STEM Collaborative Center senior graphic designer Jon Sanchez.

Welcome to the University of New Mexico Center for Advanced Research Computing

The Center for Advanced Research Computing (CARC) is the UNM campus supercomputing Center and the largest academic computing center in the State of New Mexico, including 1.5 PB of RAID5/RAID6 enterprise storage. CARC's resources are available without charge to all faculty, student, and staff researchers at the University, through support from the UNM Office of the Vice President for Research.

To enable excellence in research and scholarship in science, engineering, biomedicine, humanities and the arts, through support for parallel supercomputing, advanced visualization, research data storage and analysis, and novel architectures, and by providing leadership to enhance interdisciplinary computing-based research and education at the University. 


To promote the use of high-performance computing technologies for advancing research and education in the State of New Mexico, and as an essential component of the national cyberinfrastructure.

Located in the historic Galles Building, the Center has 2700 square feet of machine room space, and supports advanced hardware and software for a diverse community of researchers at the University, spanning five Colleges and more than twenty departments. Systems include dedicated machines, such as the Bethe Xeon Phi/NVIDIA GTX Titan platform for experimental code development in astrophysics and nanoscience, as well as an array of "community" clusters and parallel machines. These include the poblano 256 GB, 64-core SMP system, a shared-memory server for memory-intensive bioinformatics, computational biology, and multiphysics applications; the 200-node Galles 'green' Hadoop/high-throughput Beowulf cluster for bioinformatics and "big data" applications; and five production parallel machines: nano, Gibbs, pequena, Metropolis, and Ulam. The Center's newest supercomputer, Xena, designed for high-throughput, memory-intensive MATLAB and hybrid parallel applications, and supported by an NSF MRI award, includes dual GPU NVIDIA nodes and ultra-large (3TB) RAM nodes for memory-intensive applications such as genomic assemblies.

In addition to its computational resources, CARC hosts eight research groups, a technology/art gallery, a seminar space, a workshop room for computational classes and outreach, and a visualization lab. CARC also serves as the academic unit administering the Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) Certificate Program, a graduate degree certificate.

Recent News

LANL donation adding to UNM supercomputing power
March 15, 2017
Nine times more powerful than combined power of machines it replaces

Intro to computing at CARC
March 1, 2017

Workshop: Intro to Computing at CARC
February 20, 2017
Register now for CARC intro classes

Professor Jed Crandall Measures Global Internet Censorship and Surveillance
October 20, 2015
Over the next three years, UNM Associate Professor of Computer Science Jed Crandall and co-PIs Prof. Stephanie Forrest (UNM) and Prof. Michalis Faloutsos (University of California) will be utilizing CARC resources to measure and log global instances of censorship and surveillance of the internet ...

Presidential Executive Order Establishes National Strategic Computing Initiative
July 30, 2015
To ensure that the United States continues to be a global leader in the field of High-Performance Computing (HPC), President Obama issued an Executive Order establishing the National Strategic Computing Initiative (NSCI) on July 30, 2015 ...

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